Build Beautiful Coupon Landing Pages For Your Business

The Affiliate Coupon Problem

Over 30 Million online coupons are redeemed every year, more and more often shoppers are turning to coupon websites to help them find the discounts they need. This unravels a unique problem, quite often the merchant will end up double paying (the coupon discount + the affiliate fee) when they simply don't need to.

We Help Merchants Build Targeted Coupon Landing Pages That Rank!

You can take back control of your coupons by creating your own landing page, without any involvement from IT. Host it locally on a subdomain and watch it rise to the top of the search engines.


Manage Coupons Easily add and remove your current coupons, float the best coupons to the top for increased exposure. Otterbox Example
Customize Coupons Choose to hide the code, allow users to copy the code to their clipboard or open the codes in a new window it's up to you!
Expiry Dates Set expiry dates on coupons, we can send you reminders to make sure you stop the coupon on your own CMS - no more letting coupons run over time and costing you money.
Analytics See which coupons resonate best with your customers, who is clicking what?
Integration with Google Analytics Add your coupon page to your analytics and see who is clicking coupons, what search terms or traffic sources drive the most clicks?
Content Sections Create high quality sections on your coupon pages detailing your return policy, perhaps an overview of your special offers or terms & conditions for your coupons. It's up to you!
Coupon Subscriptions Allow your users to subscribe to coupons via email, they'll get an instant notification whenever you add new coupons. Great way to generate instant revenue from new coupons.
Use Your Own Domain You can use a domain on Couponzor or via DNS use your own subdomain.
SEO Ready Our pages are SEO ready, you have full control over title tags, description tags, h tags and all section headings. We can also provide consulting around which keywords to use.

Interested In Saving Thousands In Affiliate Fees?

If you're a merchant who would be interested in helping us Beta test Couponzor and give awesome feedback then get in touch, we'll provide you with totally free access during our beta phase!

Example Coupon Pages